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Damond Motorsports Mazdaspeed Pro E-Tune

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Base Configuration
Additional Fuel Map, Ethanol Blend, E85, Race Gas, Methanol, etc.
Add Auxiliary Fuel: Individual Port or Throttle-Body Injection using Split Second or similar controller

If you're wanting to get the most of of your Mazdaspeed3 or Mazdaspeed6, then a pro-tune is what you want. A pro-tune will not only allow you to unleash your car's power potential, but will also improve drivability, reliability, and even fuel economy. Tuning with us at Damond Motorsports, you'll work one-on-one with our professional tuner via email, to fine tune and dial in your specific car. 

We primarily tune Mazdaspeeds with the COBB Accessport, but we can also tune cars running VersaTuner. If you do not have a tuning device, we can recommend one for your build, but for most builds the COBB Accessport is the way to go. 

How does the Pro E-Tuning process work with us at Damond Motorsports? 

  • First you'll need a tuning device as listed above. You will also need some basic software (with the most up-to-date firmware) and a capable computer to upload/download and email tune files and data logs. 
  • Once you have your tuning device, you'll select the options that pertain most to your build and what you'd like us to tune, and purchase our Pro E-Tune. 
  • You'll then be contacted by our pro-tuner to provide us with your vehicle modifications and what you'd like to get our of your car or accomplished with your specific tune. 
  • From there our pro-tuner will send you a "base-map" for you to upload to your tuning device and flash the vehicle's ECU with. 
  • With the bas-map installed, you'll then be requested to get some data logs under specific conditions, and then email those data logs to our pro-tuner. 
  • After sending in the preliminary data logs, our pro-tuner will analyze the data and make adjustments to your tune, and send you a new updated tune map file. 
  • You'll flash the ECU with the new map, and gather more data logs. Depending on the complexity of the tune or build, multiple tune revisions may be required. 
  • Once your car is all dialed in, you'll be set to go out and enjoy your car's new potential!

There are options to select to fit your tuning needs. Be sure to select all the options that apply specifically to what you're wanting out of your tune. 

Please note: 

By purchasing this product you agree to the following: Our main goal is the safety of our customers and the safe operation of their vehicle, e-tuning can push the vehicle beyond its mechanical limits. Full liability falls solely on the owner/operator of the vehicle being tuned. We do not and will not accept or be responsible for any liability for damages caused to you, the operator, or the vehicle during the tuning process. Once a tune is purchased and the initial tuning form is filled out and emailed back to us at  then the base map will generally be emailed in 1-4 business days. If you decide to add or change basic modifications during or after the pro-tune, you will need a tune adjustment. We offer a tune adjustment here. If major components are changed then a new e-tune purchase is needed. What is a "Minor" and major" components are up to our digression. Tuning is also to be completed within 1 year of receiving your base-map, if you exceed this time period, a tune adjustment fee or full e-tune will be needed. No refunds/order cancelations will be accepted once a base-map has been sent out via email. By purchasing this product you agree to the terms listed above.