Core Policy

CW Turbochargers Inc. - Core Policy

Effective Date: Nov 12/2022

1. Core Acceptance Criteria:

a. OEM Requirement: All cores submitted for return must be original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts from the same model and manufacturer as the rebuilt replacement part received or to be received.

b. Rebuildability: Cores for K04 turbos must be 100% rebuildable to be considered eligible for core submission/return.

c. Deductions for Damages:

  • Damaged or missing exhaust housing will result in an 80% deduction from the core value.
  • Damaged or missing compressor housing will result in a 20% deduction from the core value.
  • Each damaged/broken stud, bolt, or thread will incur a $30 deduction.
  • These values reflect on the cost to replace/repair the parts in question.

2. Timeline and Shipping:

a. Submission Deadline: Cores must be shipped to CW Turbochargers Inc. within 60 days of the transaction date. Failure to meet this deadline will result in forfeiture of the core refund and warranty. If the deadline cannot be met, customers are encouraged to contact us to discuss potential alternatives. Note that the warranty is only valid with a core return.

3. Packaging Guidelines:

a. Protection Requirement: Bubble wrap and/or paper must be used for protection during shipping. The use of packing peanuts is discouraged as they do not provide sufficient protection and may lead to damage during transit. Customers are held responsible if goods arrive damaged due to poor packing.

4. Return Shipping Costs:

a. Customer Responsibility: Customers are responsible for all return shipping costs associated with returning the core. This includes any import fees/taxes incurred during the return process.

By adhering to these core policies, you ensure a smooth and efficient process for core submissions and contribute to maintaining the quality standards we uphold at CW Turbochargers Inc. We appreciate your cooperation and commitment to these guidelines.

Note: CW Turbochargers Inc. reserves the right to amend or modify this Core Policy as needed without prior notice.