BNR S2 V2 Turbocharger
BNR S2 V2 Turbocharger
BNR S2 V2 Turbocharger

BNR S2 V2 Turbocharger

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The S2 has the same inlet diameter as stock (2.25”).   Only things you will need to modify is relocation of the boost control solenoid.  It’s a direct bolt in capable of 40 lbs/min of air flow.  The benefit with the S2 over the S1 is added response and mid range from the larger A/R ratio of the compressor housing and an upgraded wastegate actuator.  Peak power stays the same.  This is what you get when you order an S2!

  • GT28 Turbine wheel
  • BNR’s custom GT2860 compressor wheel (40 lbs/min flow rate)
  • High Performance 360 thrust assembly
  • Wide journal bearings
  • Rear journal bearing oil deflector (Diverts oil away from the turbine seal)
  • High Performance turbine seal
  • Balanced and blue printed to .5 gram/in2
  • BNR’s custom T2 bearing housing (uses all OE oil and water fittings)
  • BNR compressor housing
  • BNR .63 a/r turbine housing with 27mm wastegate port
  • Upgraded wastegate actuator (set at 13 psi)
  • All stainless hardware
  • 5 Layer stainless MLS turbine inlet/outlet gaskets
  • (9) M10 1.5 exhaust studs
  • Extended stainless water line (firewall side)
  • (4) 14mm copper sealing rings
  • 1 year warranty!